We are a designer and manufacturer of indoor playgrounds, play areas, themed kids’ corners and escape rooms.

Hidden play value

In the unused space we place a decor with a current theme, containing all kinds of interactive elements.

For the room, a touch panel is added that matches the theme, with drawings on it. Some of these drawings can be found in the playground, others not. When children touch all the drawings that are also found in the playground on the panel, something exciting happens in the themed space. A treasure chest or suitcase opens, or you look inside a secret cabin.

The hidden corners can be used in every playground. A new game can always be created without a large investment.

  • No major purchase, the game is bought but the set is rented
  • Empty space is used useful
  • No additional floor space required
  • Also play value outside the cage, less crowding in the cage itself
  • Yearly changing decor
  • To be used in marketing activities and play & win promotions
  • All CE certified and in accordance with the applicable NEN standards