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Escape room for kids and other escape games

The ultimate challange, only for the bravest boys & girls!

Start with the first puzzle, run to the next, open all the boxes and win the battle against the clock. In this escape room for kids, it’s all about cleverness and tactics. Try to escape within 60 minutes, can you make it?

BANG, the door is closed: you are locked in and the clock starts ticking.
The puzzles are stored in boxes that are locked. The first box contains tips & tricks that you need to find the keys to the other boxes. Only when all of the puzzles are solved, you can find the code that you need to open the door! Keep cool!

This nerve-racking game can be played more often, because it's different every time. One of the parents can play the role of team leader, for supervision. And there is an emergency button for security reasons. At indoor playground KidsZoo our escape room is providing a lot of excitement and sensation!

The escape room for kids is available in various versions and there are custom-made solutions for everty playground. The game is suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old; the puzzles and the game length can be adapted to the age of the kids.

We also make escape versions where the children don't have to be in a locked room:

  • Crack the safe: solve the puzzles and find the code to open the door of a real safe.
  • Magic Cabinet: look in the room for hidden clues. Find the code to open the cabinet.
  • Treasure Hunt: a real quest! Discover which are the right keys to open the Treasure Chest.

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