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Kids love dirty things and funny sounds. Anything to do with farts and going to the bathroom makes them laugh. So, we invented the Outhouse game!

The Outhouse is a little wooden house with a small, round 'window'. The kids can throw a ball through this round hole, into the Outhouse. When a ball falls into the Outhouse you hear funny sounds and shouting. A kind of humor that most kids find hilarious! On the Outhouse, there is a sign saying 'occupied'. Every now and then the sign is illuminated. If a ball is thrown into the Outhouse when it's 'occupied', you hear a voice saying things like: 'Hallo, I'am in here! Stop throwing those balls!'

The Outhouse can be used to tidy up balls laying around, by locating it near the ball pit. The balls that are thrown into the Outhouse, fall into the ball pit.

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