We are a designer and manufacturer of indoor playgrounds, play areas, themed kids’ corners and escape rooms.

Display in a closet

Our display in a closet is a special and interactive addition to a playground. The closet is handmade and themed to match the playground. The closet contains several displays. If the button next to the display is pressed, something will happen. This can be anything; from a burning fire that lights up, a treasure chest opening to a wild disco lamps. It is possible to create different sound and light effects.

The size of the closet and the number of displays can be adjusted to the available space in the playground.

The content and the special effects are custom made upon request. A few examples of things we have installed:

  • A campfire that lights up
  • A disco lamp in mirror room which lights up
  • A rotating disk with elephants
  • Swimming fish
  • Dinosaurs with discolouring light
  • Magic mirror with something exciting behind it

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