We are a designer and manufacturer of indoor playgrounds, play areas, themed kids’ corners and escape rooms.

About Ballen Enzo

In almost every playground there is a ball pit. Ball pits are fun, but we think you can do more with all those colourful ball pit balls. We create play objects which make balls float, fly, appear and disappear! The balls produce funny sounds and fall on you like a shower.

But that’s not all: we also design and develop different types of indoor playgrounds, laser game areas and escape rooms for kids and we think along with you through every stage of creating your own play paradise for kids.

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We also provide custom-made products.

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Wim Wijting

Wim is an electrical engineer and, since several years, he is working as an imagineer. He is inventing, designing and developing playground equipment, using modern (digital-sensor) technology. As the technological parts are hidden for the kids, there seems to be a little magic about the playground items.

After developing the first Ball Factory for MonkeyTown Gouda, Wim has fallen completely under the spell of the balls! He is the driving force for the development of new play elements for playgrounds.

Esmee Geurts

Esmee Geurts

Esmee is our decor specialist. She provides the design and styling of the themed products and elements.

Lonneke Van Elburg

Lonneke van Elburg

Lonneke is a remedial educationalist and a therapist especially for children.
She knows all about the ages and stages of child development. We make use of her knowledge to create games and playsystems which are educational,
challenging and fun!