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Yukon goldmine Sanjesfertier

Discover the secrets of the Yukon Gold Mine! The old cage at Sanjesfertier has been completely renovated in collaboration with Sidijk and is full of theming and hidden play value.

A special ball pit has been incorporated into the funhouse. The pit iss full of golden balls that can float, fall down and cause crazy noises.

There are all kinds of hidden corners that are not used. For exemple the space under stairs or slides. We have hidden all kind of secrets and games in this normally unused space. Admire the luminous diamonds, discover the gold on the rotating rock disk and take a look at the campfire.

A mysterious treasure chest stands in a magical corner of the gold mine. Something twinkles in here, but it is still closed ... By finding the right cave drawings in the gold mine and touching them on the panel next to the magic corner, the chest opens and shows its treasures. This treasure hunt is an exciting addition that can be applied in any playground.