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TestLab in Monkey Town Warmond

This week we have installed a TestLab in Monkey Town Warmond. A TastLab is a separate, themed area inside the playground, where children can test our newest play elements en games.

We ask both parents and children to let us know what they like or dislike about our TestLab products. With their input we can keep improving our games. The games in the Testlab will be changed several times a year, so that there is always something new to discover for the kids.

The theme for the TestLab in Monkey Town Warmond was found in the direct environment: green meadows, water, windmills and farms. The area is about 5x4 meter and is surrounded by banks. Thanks to these banks, the ball pool balls stay in the playarea and the (grand)parents have the opportunity to sit and take part in the children's games.

In the Testlab there is a ball container game, installed in a themed tower. The opposite wall is decorated with photo wallpaper. There you also find the WC-room and the Path of Mouse-game. In one of the corners there is a little, cosy playhouse. Inside the house the kids can play with the animalfarmgame. When you touch one of the animals, you hear the corresponding animal sound.

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Interested in a TestLab? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.