We are a designer and manufacturer of indoor playgrounds, play areas, themed kids’ corners and escape rooms.

Monkey Town Purmerend

This week we installed a Ball Container game in Monkey Town Purmerend. The ball container has been placed in a themed tower. Around the Ball area we have placed softplay benches. Parents and grandparents can take a seat here and play along with the children.

Kids can put balls into the ball feeders/blowers. With every ball you hear a funny noise. Via a transparant hose the balls are blown upward, into the Ball container. When someone presses the illuminated button, the front of the container slowly opens and the balls fall down like a shower.

In the toddler area we installed the Sound game. There is no electricity needed for this game that has been developed especially for the toddler area. It can easily be mounted to any wall without causing damage.

The kids can insert a ball at the top of the box. The ball rolls on a rail through the box and falls down. There are several objects in the box, which make noises. And.. you never know through which of the holes the ball will exit the box, that's always a surprise.