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First escape room for kids at Kids Zoo!

Escaperoom Kidszoovk

Last April the first escape room for kids (ages 6 to 12 years) was opened at KidsZoo in Noordwijkerhout. In the escape room the kids have to battle against the clock in an exiting game! After the door is closed, they have to resolve some real tough puzzles within 60 minutes. The puzzles are stored in boxes that are locked. The first box contains tips & tricks that you need to find the keys to the other boxes. Only when all of the puzzles are solved, you can find the code that you need to open the door!

Krijn van Dijk, the owner of KidsZoo, has developed the puzzles; the technical part and the design of the escape room were realised by Ballen Enzo. Together they made an awesome product. Within a few weeks the new escape room became a favourite place for kids parties!